5 steps to a great property photograph

5  steps to a great property photograph

Taking great property photos is an art. To nail it, there are a few things you should experiment with, from lighting to focus and equipment to creativity.

Of course, knowing your camera's functions inside out is the foundation for any great photography - property or otherwise. But when you're focusing on an interiors shot, what you need to know and do gets a little more specific. Here are 5 steps that make up the very best interior photograph.


      1.The right photography kit:

Property photography relies on a wide angle lens, especially when you're working with limited space. To get the best perspective from a corner, use a wide lens, a standard lens will do the job. And for properties with large or connecting rooms, a flash can help balance the light.


With taking property photos, one of the things you need, is a tripod. There’s nothing worse than taking a blurry photo. A remote shutter will also help tackle the problem of shakiness, if you need to set a long shutter speed.


  1. Tailored aperture and shutter speed:

Generally, you'll be shooting rooms in their entirety, so a large depth of field with a smaller aperture (bigger f-stop) will be required. But perhaps a small detail, like a bathroom tap, is an interesting part of the room. In that case, a bigger aperture will give you the shallower depth of field you'll need to show it off.


Once you've got your aperture setting sorted, make full use of your tripod and leave the shutter speed on as long as necessary to get the right exposure. Using an f-stop of f11 on a full frame, and f9 on a cropped frame, will ensure the whole room is in focus. Try to avoid increasing your ISO too much- it'll help you avoid noise in darker properties.


  1. Perfect lighting:

Property photography lends itself to soft, natural lighting, so early morning and late afternoon are ideal times to shoot.


  1. Thinking about your angles and comfortable staging:

The objective of a property photograph is to show off the space available in any given room. Positioning yourself in the corner of a room and shooting across at an approx. 45 degree angle will allow you to capture as much of the room as possible.


There are also occasions where the room is an unusual shape, or displays interesting features, as you can see in our introduction to great property photography. Focusing on detail can intrigue the viewer, and entice them to book a viewing. That could be the way to make your client's property (and your photography) stand out.


You may have your own preferences, but there’s no reason not to take the initiative yourself to get a more appealing set of photographs. With limited time to complete a job, you might not be able to spend a lot of time rearranging furniture and adding props; but make sure you notice which cushions to plump and which chairs to straighten.


  1. Clean post-production:

Using photo editing software to digitally enhance your photos isn’t cheating. A lot of the time, it can improve property photography taken in challenging conditions or colours that didn’t turn out quite as they look in real life.


It’s up to you how much post-production you do, but a couple of things are always worth your attention. Removing shadows, correcting lighting and adjusting contrast levels will always give your photography  that extra sparkle and help to give a true representation of the interior of a property. If you can see sky outside a window and it's not particularly a bright day, It is recommended to brightening it up to show the property off to its best potential.


There are so many tips for taking great interior photographs, but always keep in mind that you should adapt to your surroundings and experiment to get the best shot. Remember, practice makes perfect.


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