Buying Guide


1. Planning your move

The first step is to plan your finances. Find out all the costs involved including stamp duty, conveyancing and legal fees, surveys and valuations, estate agency fees, removal/storage and mortgage fees and of course the deposit. Set a realistic budget for your new property, and – very important – stick to it.


2. Viewings

Unico will arrange your viewings and your appointed highly skilled negotiator will meet you at the property to show you around. Take all the time you need on the viewings, and if you wish to go back at a later date we can arrange it. If you have any questions we will do our best to answer those, or contact the vendor on your behalf.


3. Make Offer

If you decide to make an offer on a property let us know as soon as you can so that we can inform the Vendor. Unico will discuss your offer with the Vendor and once a decision is reached, both parties will be informed in writing. Once your offer is accepted subject to contract, you will need to instruct your solicitor.


4. Surveys

Your lender will insist on a survey for valuation purposes. Other types of survey include a Condition Report, a Homebuyer’s Report and a Building or Structural Survey. These will be invaluable in uncovering any potential issues and depending on the results you might decide to revise your offer or indeed pull out of the deal altogether. Remember, at the moment you’re not tied in.


5. Exchange of Contracts

When your solicitor is happy, both parties will sign and exchange contracts and you should forward your deposit to your solicitor. A deposit will normally be 10% of the purchase price. From now on you and the vendor are committed to the deal and you cannot pull out without losing your deposit.


6. Set the completion date

A date will be set to complete the sale – to be agreed between all parties. At that point the balance of funds will be transferred and you’ll need to settle your outstanding bills with your solicitor, pay any stamp duty and other costs. Between exchange and completion is the ideal time to finalise your move.


7. Collect your keys!

This is the best part, the property is now yours and you can move in! Unico will contact you as soon as we receive confirmation that the sale has completed and we can then release the keys to you.