The Boxing Day Bounce: Be Prepared And Sell Your Home


There are many different reasons to look forward to the festive period. Having the chance to spend quality time with loved ones and friends is always a good thing and yes, if you like receiving presents; this is a fantastic time of year. However, for many people, the days between Christmas Day and going back to work in New Year is the most pleasing aspect of this time of year.


Some people have no greater ambition that ploughing their way through a DVD boxset or utilizing their Netflix account to the maximum. No matter what the weather is like outside, it is possible to be warm and cozy at home, with no thought about returning to normality. This isn’t the life for everyone though and many people take the opportunity to be proactive.


It is only natural to start looking towards the New Year and many people are keen to make a fresh start or improve their life. There are a lot of ways in which people can take steps to lead a better life, consider the wide range of New Year Resolutions you will hear but for a lot of people, moving to a new house is a key ambition.


This is why you’ll find a lot of people searching for property in the festive period and this phenomenon has been referred to as The Boxing Day Bounce.


People look for homes in late December

It was in 2015 that this phenomenon first came to the fore with figures released by Rightmove indicating the volume of people who were actively looking at property at this time of year. On Christmas Day, the online property portal said that they had one million people on their site looking at homes and this figure increased on Boxing Day. The peak day for visitors to the site came on the first full working day of the New Year, when close to three million people were searching for property.


Whether returning to work brought the harsh realities of another year home to some people or it was a good way of killing time in the office remains to be seen but there is evidence that potential buyers are looking for property in late December and early January.


Anyone that is keen to sell their home at the start of the New Year should ensure that their home is listed for sale. This is where Unico Property Group can help and if you are looking for guidance or advice on selling your home, we are the East London specialists you can trust.


Some homeowners don’t want to sell at this time of year

There is also another reason why you should seriously consider placing your home on the property market at this time of year. The high volume of potential buyers should be enough encouragement to take action but at this time of year, there are also fewer homes on the market. This is down to the fact that some buyers decide to fully focus on the festive period, leaving the home selling process until January.


You can see the thinking behind this, and there is a lot to be said for putting your family first but equally, the property market is highly competitive. You should be looking to take advantage of every benefit available to you, and having your home for sale at a time when there are many buyers and fewer sellers is a point that will work to your advantage.


We know that it is only November, but when you want to sell your home, it pays to be prepared. The end of December and the beginning of January is a highly popular time for people to look at houses and when you call on Unico Property Group, you can be confident that your home is ready and waiting for buyers to find it.

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