Selling Your Home And Know What Buyers Need To Find


If you are planning on selling your home, there are many things that you can do to improve your chances of a quick and efficient sale.


Calling on the services of an experienced local estate agent makes sense and at Unico Property Group, we are always happy to help.


However, if you are looking to promote your home in the most effective manner, you need to know what buyers are looking for and how you can appeal to them.


This guide will help you showcase and present your home to appeal to buyers.


It is helpful to know what buyers are looking for when they search for property and information provided by TV property expert Phil Spencer provides insightful knowledge. Spencer is a well-known name that people trust, and it is likely that many prospective buyers will follow his guidance and opinions when looking for a home.


During an online venture that he had participating in, Spencer curated a list that advises buyers on what they should be aware of or seek out when looking to purchase property.


People follow the advice of celebrities, even in the property market

In the list compiled by Phil Spencer you will find:

  •    Title register details
  •    The value of property in the local area
  •    The importance of finding out about neighbours
  •    Whether any planning applications are in place for the local area
  •    What the crime rate for the local area is
  •    What shops and retail options there are for the community
  •    The standard and availability of schools

At Unico Property Group, we would also suggest that prospective buyers are keen to learn about the availability and standard of transport in the area, but there is no denying that the list compiled by Spencer will inform many buyers in their search. This is therefore good news for sellers because if you can provide this information, buyers will think you are helpful and will appreciate the service that you offer when selling your property.


If there are positive factors in your local area, it makes sense to highlight these for buyers. It may be that the buyers are aware of the facts but there is no harm in adding some local colour and personal insight. If you appreciate the local schools or you enjoy the service and products offered by some local stores, be sure to mention these to any prospective buyer. Also, if you have a good relationship with people in the local area, be sure to mention this as well.


Don't shy away from concerns buyers may have

There may be a suggestion that you should ignore any negative or less than appealing issues in the local area, say perhaps a less than attractive crime rate or a lack of available schools. However, it is usually best to be honest about any shortcomings and to accentuate other points or issue mitigating circumstances for some of the less than positive points. If you can address concerns that a prospective buyer has, you will receive a better response than completely ignoring an issue.


Buyers have a challenging time looking for property that is right for them, so anything you can do to improve their search or minimise their time and effort will be appreciated. In a highly competitive marketplace, this can only help you and your property be regarded as a suitable option.


No matter what sort of home you are selling or where you are located, you want to make a positive impression. Having the buyer in mind is an excellent way to create a positive impression, as is working with an experienced and skilled estate agent. If you are looking to promote and sell your home quickly and efficiently, contact Unico Property Group and we will do our best to help you.


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