Roman Road Market is situated on the oldest known trade route in Britain, and is still going strong from unofficially opening in 1843. That's right, the famous market was illegal when it first started, but fought many attempts to close it down. It be... read more »
There's no better way to experience the culture, history and tradition in London than to visit one of its markets; here's your guide to the best ones in East London. (You absolutely need to visit them at least once!)   OLD SPITALFIELDS MARKET ... read more »
We know that there are many estate agents to choose from in East London but not all estate agents are the same. We are sure that all of the estate agents say this but at Unico Property Group, we are pleased to provide you with a list of reasons why y... read more »
The Government first introduced The Mandatory Licensing in 2006 as part of their commitment to improve the standards in the private rented sector, with the aim to raise the bench mark of poor quality and badly managed properties.   T... read more »
Whether or not you’re a Londoner, it’s pretty agreeable that London is a magical place and is home to many beautiful landmarks and areas. It’s hard to reject the pull of the city and you’ll often find yourself visiting over an... read more »
There is a huge disparity in the length of school holidays and difference in dates around Europe. It seems that each Country’s Government determines the dates and duration of school holidays.   It is interesting to see how some countries... read more »
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