The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on just about everyone in the UK, and the national lockdowns have undoubtedly changed the way we live during the past year, and possibly forever. Homes Are Now Doubling Up As Workplaces Arguably... read more »
Whether it’s a good old spring clean or you want to ensure your property in East London is spick and span before you put your home on the market, choosing cleaning products that get the job done is essential!   We have become so used to ... read more »
Five budget-friendly tips to help you set up your home office Working from home is now a major part of people’s lives. For some, working from home has been the norm for many years, while for others the concept is still a little confusing. &... read more »
Many homeowners do not have the time, money, or desire for the upkeep required to maintain a vibrant natural lawn.   Without real grass, it can be a struggle to know how to fill your garden, especially for those looking for a relatively low ma... read more »
When you are a landlord, you should remember that people actually live in your property! It’s more than just bricks and mortar and an investment. It’s ultimately someone’s home.   There lies within property ownership a respon... read more »
Who doesn’t love a nice glass of wine? A drop of rose in the summer perhaps, or a crisp, dry white? Maybe a full-bodied red is your choice?   Imagine balmy summer evenings spent in the garden of your new home in East London with a tipple... read more »
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