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Is Golden Age of London Property Over?

There has been a consistency to the reporting of how prices have been behaving in the London property market of late and many different media outlets seem to be saying that the "golden age of London property" is over. Naturally, this raises many questions and issues amongst a lot of people. You will have people who will question whether London has been enjoying a golden age at all. There will also be people who believe that there is ...

Why Your Estate Agent Should Be A Member Of ARLA, NAEA

With so many estate agents to choose from, it can be a difficult challenge knowing who to choose. There are many things to consider when looking for an estate agent, but there is a simple way of finding an estate agent you can trust. It is always good to find an agent that is a member of a professional body and this is why ARLA and NAEA are so important when you need to find your ideal agent.

ARLA Propertymark

ARLA ...

Bow and Bethnal Green: Property Prices, Values and Rental Yields

No matter where you are looking to move in the property market, it is important that you give the decision some proper thought and research. Even if you are looking to buy or invest in an area that you know quite well, there is a need to review the financial aspect of a deal. Areas like Bow and Bethnal Green are highly attractive and appealing but if you’re looking to make a smart decision, you will want to consider the latest ...

The best East London Markets that you NEED to visit

There's no better way to experience the culture, history and tradition in London than to visit one of its markets; here's your guide to the best ones in East London. (You absolutely need to visit them at least once!)

Where? Spitalfields
When? 10am-5pm, seven days a week
About: Old Spitalfields Market is a lively indoor market where you find ...

Your Guide to Market History in Roman Road E3

Roman Road Market is situated on the oldest known trade route in Britain, and is still going strong from unofficially opening in 1843. That's right; the famous market was illegal when it first started, but fought many attempts to close it down.

It became an established market a whole 45 years later in 1888 and was reported as one of the great market streets in London. At the heart of Bow, this market has always been famous for ...

Agency fees ban at Autumn Statement 2016

Several consumer groups welcome the ban on agency letting fees, but the Scottish example indicates that landlords might simply increase rents.

Much has been written in the press about the recent promise by the government to ban agency letting fees. The move, introduced by the chancellor, Philip Hammond, in his 2016 Autumn Financial Statement, aims at helping "jam" (Just About Managing) families, a group for which there is no ...

Heathrow - yes or no?

The race for a new runway has finally been halted, as a decision has been made to expand Heathrow airport. Heathrow has been given the go ahead for a third runway; however we may not have confirmation until 2017/18. There will now be a statutory public consultation process before a final decision is made and put to MPs next year.

If all goes to plan, the planning process should be over by 2020; meaning we can expect to be ...


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Whether you’re buying or selling, rest assured that Unico will take care of everything from start to finish. We recognise that no two transactions are the same so we tailor our service to suit your needs and promise to give you all the support and information you need.
Residential Lettings
Unico understand the need for good quality tenants and so we vet every applicant thoroughly before offering a tenancy. As members of ARLA our service is regularly scrutinised to ensure compliance to their codes of conduct towards both landlords and tenants.
Did you know that to remortgage your Buy to Let investment your mortgage company will insist on a valuation letter from an ARLA agent? Unico also offers financial mortgage advice for purchasers including first time buyers so come to see us.
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As a landlord we understand that loss of revenue can seriously impact on your finances. With Unico’s Rent Guarantee Insurance scheme you can rest assured that you will still receive your rent payments if the tenant’s circumstances change.
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Unico can take care of the day to day management of your property portfolio including rent collection, property maintenance using our easy to use online repair reporting portal, renewals, rent increases and deposit registration services.
Whether you are looking to acquire a commercial unit or selling or letting your own commercial space, Unico have the knowledge, skill and experience to help.